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Paint Protection

Paint Protection has been around for many years, commonly known as ‘waxing’, sometimes referred to as ‘paint sealant’ as it seals the paint and acts as a barrier against the elements that can affect it such as UV rays, tree sap, road salt, brake dust etc

In recent years, more durable and long lasting sealants have come to the market, referred to as “coatings”, these are mainly ceramic based and they form a chemical bond to the paintwork.

These are applied by hand to paint which has been “corrected” in detail offering a much greater resistance to the elements referred to earlier. There is a lot more work involved in the preparation and application of these coatings and as they are expensive to buy, they are as a result more expensive to the customer initially but do offer superior results in maintaining the paintwork.

We offer a full range of paint correction along with a comprehensive range to suit every budget

  • Waxes
  • Polishes
  • Coatings

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