All prices are offered From, Final Price may vary depending on the Size & Condition of each vehicle.

Car Wash Menu

Shampoo Hand Wash & Wax *Includes short term paint protection from €16

Hand Wash, Wax, Towel Dry and Tyre Shine Combo from €25

Deluxe Hand Wash *A detailed car wash removing tar and contaminants (POA)
• Hand wash with PH Neutral Shampoo
• Tar Removal
• Decontaminate the paint work & wheels
• Micro Fibre towel Dry
• Spray Wax Sealant

• We use the two bucket method for all of our wash packages & refill these regularly to ensure that the wash mitts, buckets, water and shampoo are clean.

Avoid the Q next time – Pre Book Your Car Wash on 021 4289 222

Valet Menu

Express Valet * Normally For lightly soiled / dusty vehicles

The Mini Valet from €59

*A soft hand wash and towel dry, wheels cleaned and tyres shined. Remove all rubbish, hoover all seats, mats, carpet and boot liner. Clean and shine the dashboard, centre console, doors and door ledges.

Steam, shampoo and sanitize mats and carpets +€25

Deep Clean / Detail Valet * For heavily soiled vehicles

The Best Seller from €89

*A soft handwash with PH neutral shampoo, towel dry, carnauba wax, wheels and tyres detailed. Interior and exterior windows cleaned and polished. Remove all rubbish, hoover seats, mats, carpets and boot liner. Clean and shine the dashboard, centre console, doors and ledges.

Steam, shampoo and sanitize seats from +€60 ***For best results, leave car over night

**Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned with a leather conditioner +€60
***All prices are for a standard cleaning

Paint Correction & Protection

We offer a full range of paint correction along with a comprehensive range of Waxes, Polishes & Coatings to suit every budget.

Ask for more details or if you would like a complimentary quotation for your vehicle.