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Car Wash

Frequent washing is the best way to maintain a new car finish. As easy as washing your car may seem, we pay special attention to the following;

  • existing paint damage such as stone chips
  • flaking paint
  • bird droppings
  • contamination around the mirrors
  • door handles
  • roof rails
  • mouldings
  • rubbers
  • loose or damaged mirrors and antennas

Heavily soiled wheels are another common problem that we attend to.

Tar spots picked up from the road on the lower body of the car can be difficult to remove and may need a stronger product designed specifically for this purpose.

We use high quality micro-fibre and lambs-wool mitts that are specifically designed for car washing along with the “two-bucket” method.

We also use a separate wheel wooly and brush to clean the wheels and tires as they will be covered with brake dust that will harm your paintwork.

Shampoo Hand Wash & Wax *Includes short term paint protection from €16

Shampoo Hand Wash, Wax, Towel Dry and Tyre Shine Combo from €25

Deluxe Hand Wash *A detailed car wash removing tar and contaminants (POA)
• High foam hand wash with PH Neutral Shampoo
• Tar Removal
• Decontaminate the paint work & wheels
• Micro Fibre towel Dry
• Spray Wax Sealant

• We use the two bucket method for all of our wash packages & refill these regularly to ensure that the wash mitts, buckets, water and shampoo are clean.

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