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Interior Valet

It pays to keep your car clean and a little cleaning on a regular basis can have many benefits. Remove left-over food, especially fruit that will cause un wanted smells and may attract undesirables such as mice or even rats.

Keep a little bin bag on board and use it any time that you have a few minutes spare in the car, maybe when waiting to collect the kids at school. Buy a good rubber boot liner and place any liquids in the boot in case of spillage.

Try to keep pets in the boot also to avoid having pet hair and smells on your seats and carpets. Hoover the car regularly to avoid having dirt ground into your cars carpet. Following these tips will help keep your car clean and will save you money when you need to drop your car off for valeting.

Express Valets * Normally For lightly soiled / dusty vehicles

Mini Valet from €30
*Hand Wash, Towel Dry, Full Hoover, Rubbish Removed

Valet 1 from €45
* Mini valet & Dash Polished Sills & Ledges Wiped, Tires Shined

Valet 2 from €55
*Valet 1 & All glass cleaned and polished, mats cleaned

Deep Clean / Detail Valets * For heavily soiled vehicles

Detail 1 from €POA
*A high foam exterior hand wash & a dry interior deep clean and polish

Detail 1 & Seat Cleaning from €POA
*A high foam exterior hand wash & a full interior steam, shampoo and hoover of all seats, carpets, mats and plastics & all glass, dashboard and door sills cleaned and polished
**Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned with a leather conditioner
***For best results, leave car over night
****All prices are for a standard cleaning

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